How to Clean Tile Flooring 

Tile flooring is preferred by most homeowners because of its durability, especially in the areas of bathrooms and kitchens where the space is wet most of the time. Cleaning the tile flooring properly will make it look new for many years. Aside from the daily sweeping and cleaning, there are deep cleaning that makes the tile free from bacteria and mold growth. In this article, we are sharing with you the basic flooring care, appropriate for faux tile and ceramic flooring.  

 Clean Tile Flooring

Basic Tile Flooring Care 

Like mentioned, it’s important to sweep or vacuum the floor every day. In our houses, it’s the floor that receives foot traffic and dirt and sweeping will remove food crumbs, loose dirt and other pieces of debris that accumulate on the tile floors. If the dirt sets on wet areas, it becomes grime which is really hard to remove. Before you mop the floor, sweep it first.  

Next thing to do is mopping the floor with warm water. If there are no stains, it would be easy for you to clean it using a mop. Cleanse the mop with warm water after you mop once section of a room. After mopping, run a dry mop over the floor. This will prevent the dirt from staining the grout again. If there are spills, make sure you clean it immediately. If the dirt is from pet stains, clean the dirt with a disinfectant.  

Deep Cleaning Technique 

Once the dirt is accumulated too much, you will need to perform a deep tile and grout cleaning technique. Use a cleanser by mixing water and vinegar before you proceed mopping. After you’re done with the mopping, rinse the floor with warm water. Remove all the residual soap so the floor won’t attract dirt. If you have marble flooring, don’t use vinegar.  

If the tile floors experiences mildew, clean it with ammonia solution. When you’re cleaning it, make sure you wear rubber gloves for hand protection. A solution of ammonia and water would do, start scrubbing the area. After the mildew is gone, rinse the floor.  

For rust spots, clean with kerosene. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands. Use a kerosene rag to rub the stain away. To remove residual rust, wash the area with warm water.  

Grout Cleaning 

One of the most annoying sections of a tile is the grout, which accumulates too much dirt that is difficult to clean. One of the most classic household tricks is cleaning the grout with a pencil eraser. Just run a pencil eraser over the stain until the grout is cleaned. To brighten up the grout, use baking soda. Make a paste by mixing water and baking soda. Use a toothbrush to apply.  

When removing tougher stains; use bleach. Again, wear some gloves for hand protection. Use toothbrush to clean the grout. Make sure that the bleach solution doesn’t get to the tiles. After removing the stains, wash the grout with warm water. Dry the grout and apply a sealer afterwards.  

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Plants that you need if you have Children

It is a great idea to landscape your backyard or your front yard even if you have children already because the garden is one of the favorite spots of the children to run around and chase each other or play any of the games they want especially when there are no classes and if they have free time on the end of the week. If you do not know it yet, there are many ways on how to landscape your garden considering your kids and the most chosen option is planting many plants or maintaining a beautiful landscape design Brentwood TN in your residential property with the help of a professional landscape service provider in your area. The importance of the both of these ways is that, it can give you some fruits especially when they are in season and they can even make your home healthier and beautiful because these plants can eliminate contaminants in the air.


In this article, we are going to show you the different plants that are friendly with kids. So, if you have kids or if you have children in your family, it is better for you to read this first before you jump and landscape your front yard or your backyard.

Groundcovers: The perfect plant for you are groundcovers if you want to see your kids while they are playing on the vacant space without any obstruction to your sight because these will grow very low and they can amp up your lot by adding dimension to the whole of it. This is perfect especially if your kids or the children are still very small and they need guidance and observation while they are enjoying their time at the garden.

Shrubs: If these shrubs are mature enough then that means that the kids will be able to hide in them while playing hide and seek and you can also make use of this during Easter Sunday because you can hide all the Easter Eggs in the shrubs and put up a game of finding those eggs with the children. These are very easy to maintain because you just need a simple brush cutter to cut those large branches and for you to collect all of the leaves that have fallen from the branches of the shrubs.

Old Trees: Not necessarily old, but mature trees is kid-friendly because you will need a very sturdy tree to put up your swing using a thick rope so that there will be no need for you to go to the playground in the park since you already have your own playground in your garden, it is safer as well. Remember that you should always make sure that the tree is still sturdy to ensure the safety of anyone who is going to play on the hammock or on the swing that you want to put up in the tree on your garden.

Stachys Byzantina: When you are going to feel and touch this plant, it is very soft and gentle to your senses. With this, they are very attractive to children and that means that the children will have more reasons to play on your garden rather than going out of your house to play somewhere else.


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Different Kinds Of Cleaning Services You Can Choose From

People have seen the importance of cleaning and how much time and effort is needed to get an area clean. Some people have seen the potential of making a lot money and that is why there are multiple cleaning services you can choose from. Also, there are a lot of people like residents and offices that are in need of this service because they are too busy focusing on other things. There are a lot of cleaning services like that focuses on different tasks depending on what you need.

cleaning services

Apartment Cleaning Service is one of the most sought out cleaning service in many cities. This is good for businesses because they are able to get a large volume of clients in one building or condominium. You can expect this kind of cleaning service to do the housekeeping and cleaning in your unit on a daily basis or on a one time deal, it depends on how frequent you want your place to be.


These cleaning services will be using their own tools and supplies to keep your room comfortable and neat for your to laze around in. They will sweep, vacuum, and wipe all the dirty areas in your bathroom, kitchen, and personal rooms. You can assure that you valuables will be safe with the cleaners, if you feel that your things have gone missing you can consult with their manager about this issue.


Another feature that they offer is they can do clearance of a certain area. If you want to renovate or change your entire unit, cleaning services offer clear out services that will help quicken the pace of removing all your things in an orderly and organized manner. The sooner you empty your unit, the faster you can get construction going to fix your room up.


Office Cleaning Service is one of the biggest kinds of cleaning services in the industry. A lot of companies whether it be big or small are always willing to pay for cleanliness and hygiene in their workspace. Usually, the cleaners work every night when the office is empty to ensure that they are able to clean the entire working area and make it clean and comfortable for the office workers.


They say that your working environment will have an impact on your quality of work. That is why business owners invest in cleaning services, to give their workers a comfortable and more focused working space to generate a better working environment. This will allow workers to work better and be inspired to work harder as well.


Cleaning Carpet Service is one of the most exclusive and limited type of cleaning service because they strictly clean carpets and nothing else. This carpet cleaning service is vital for people who own carpets and do not have the time or experience of cleaning it themselves. Carpets can be tricky and it takes up a lot of time when it comes to cleaning it. It is best to hire professionals who can clean your carpets well and clean it fast for your convenience.

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